According to Wikipedia a lontong is Asian dish made of compressed rice that is then cut into small cakes. It i is wrapped in banana leaf. Lontong is famous in Indonesia. It is a substitute for rice and best eaten with:

1. Sate
There are many kinds of sate but commonly sate is made of chicken meat and mutton. It is served with peanut sauce with slices of shalot to enhance the flavor. The chicken / mutton meat is sliced like a dice and put in a bamboo skewers. Sate is best eaten with lontong.

2. Gulai / gule : Is kind of curry using mutton. There's also cow meat curry, but the previous is the most common. Gulai is spicy since it is used some spices such as clove, cinnamon, lemongrass, ginger, galangal (blue ginger) etc. The soup is made by combining the spices with coconut milk.

3. Kare : Kare is curry similar to Gulai. The basic difference is that kare uses chicken meat and curcumin added with other spices.

4. Lontong sayur : It is curry with no meat but it has slices of chayote. Usually it is served during Idul Fitri - the Islamic big festive.

Lontong, meatball, and me 
5. Kupang : Kupang is small clam cooked and served with shrimp paste. It is fishy but tasty to those who loves the food.This food can only be found in Surabaya, and Sidoarjo. A lontong kupang seller usually also sells young coconut ice because consumers who have allergy on seafood can drink the coconut water to resist the allergy.

6. Lontong Balap : This is another food famous in Surabaya. The food is a mix of bean sprout clear soup, shrimp paste, fried tahu and lontong. The extra dish, which is called lentho is made of cassava, fried with beans.

5. Bakso : The very famous Indonesian meatball is actually a modern food with Chinese influence. Bakso is made of meat with clear brooth soup and served with noodle.

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