Postcards for my international friends

It's almost mid-May and it's time to send postcards again to my dear friends all over the world. Here are the postcards:
This ancient picture of Borobudur Temple goes to Yoke in Belgium

This postcard shows the architectural spot of Maria Assumpta Catholic Church in Klaten - Central Java
The postcard goes to Mrs. Carolyn Shields in U.S.A

Another postcard depicts the mass at Martia Assumpta Church for Dimoporque in China

Beautiful rice field view in Toraja - South Sulawesi for Sadie in U.S.A

Surabaya in the old time, the photo on the postcard was taken in 1889
this one goes to Ksania in Russia

Postcard with picture of Dani Tribe that live in Baliem Highlands of Papua- the most eastern province in Indonesia
Special for Amit in India

The seaside promenade with food gerobak (cart) special for  Eugen in Moldova

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