Girlband Fever

Yesterday when I was working on my work there were three little students cheering and singing loudly to a girlband song played in one of the little girl's mobile phone. They danced and grooved into the song. I silently turning on my mobile phone cam. Instead of being shy, the girls were so enthusiastic when they found out i recorded their gig. They even asked for more songs to be performed before the class started. So 2 songs before the class and 2 more songs after the class.

The teacher was guarding the classroom door and i was recording. They didn't want others watch their performance. So, it's a privilege for me and the teacher. They really made our day. They made me so amazed how children can remember all the lyrics of teenagers girlband. The students also know so well how to do the choreography exactly like the real girlband. Well...they might not be perfect but for an unprepared performance they've done great. Funny and cute, though I keep sighing when will the children sing children song, which is more suitable for their age?

See the following videos compared to the real video, anyway on this Wednesday they've asked me to record another video of them. Wow!

Here's the original video by the Girlband - Cherrybelle

And now the students' version

The second song: Love is You by Cherrybelle

Let's see how the students do their own version

Last song from 7 Icons: Playboy

The last performance by the students

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