Apple Falls Close to The Tree

I believe that every one of us believe in this metaphor. I’m not going to write about what characters that I have which is similar to my parents but instead I want to tell about food. And relate food to the metaphor. Food? Yes food!
What does it have to do with food?
Well I believe most children like certain kind of food exactly because of the parent’s eating habit. Since your parents loves eating apple with salt for example (though this might be a silly example) there’ll be big possibility that you’ll do the same eating habit because it’s what you see almost every day.  
I believe one’s choice of food is mostly influenced by parents’ eating habit. If your mother love sweet food then most probably you’ll like it too. But to me I recently realized that the older I am the more I become like my mom regarding of the food preference. What makes me amazed is that all food that I like lately is food that I don’t like when my mum was still alive. And since my mum passed away I became a fan of her favorite food. It’s just happened naturally.

Nasi Bebek
My mum loves this food so much. Nasi beberk is a famous cuisine from east part of Java. Mostly in city and towns like Surabaya, Mojokerto, Gresik, Sidoarjo, Lamongan, and Jombang; you can find many nasi bebek food stalls. Bebek in English is duck. So the duck is marinated and then deep fried.  The deep-fried duck chop is then served with rice and hot-spicy chili sauce (sambal). The texture of the duck should be tender and the sauce should be nice too. These two things will be the successfulness of a duck seller. The garnish, slices of cucumber and basil sometimes added with cabbage are a must.
My mum loves to eat the duck neck part. Here we eat the whole body of the duck, including the innards, except for the legs. Nobody eat ducks legs. But I prefer to have “normal” part, the duck chest or upper leg. Now nasi bebek has become one of my favorite food. And I became a fan after my mum passed away. When my mum was alive liked it but then I like it more.

Soto Dog
Soto that i usually buy doesn't have koya
(the crackers sprinkle on top)
This food has nothing to do with a dog, it doesn’t even use dog meat. No worries! Dog is the sound of the seller that hits his table with the sauce bottle. Others called this food soto dok. The dog and dok come from the sound made by the seller and the sauce bottle. I don’t know why but it’s the special thing in every soto dog seller. So don’t be surprised. 
Soto is a yellowish-soup, which color comes from turmeric. It is blend with other spices and mix with the meat broth. Served with boiled bean sprout, onion spring, and slices of meat makes this soup a truly yummy food.
But eh…I love this food forever. I am the only child in the family who loves this food. My sister is not a fan. Not only soto dog but chicken soto is also my fav. My mum loves soto and well..what can I say for this food I’m on my mum’s side J

Telur Asin
Telur asin or salted egg is duck egg which is salted with some ways that I’m not really sure how to. Basically it’s yummy and also yucky for others since we eat this boiled egg as a side dish. This is my mom’s favorite food and definitely it’s my favorite. My dad doesn’t really like the egg. My sister? Don’t ask. She’s a hater.

Es Dawet
 I used to fight against this dessert because the sweetener which comes from palm sugar mixed with coconut milk make me dizzy. My mom loves this dessert a lot. I had tried to love it but I couldn’t. Until last year I listened to a radio program about a famous dawet seller in famous market in Surabaya. So one day I bought the dessert and I became a fan. While I was enjoying it and tasting every spoon I had, my brain cells and my tongue tried to make a conclusion on why my mom loves this dessert a lot. Though I have declared my self as dawet big fan, still I don’t want to try other dawets by other sellers. I’m afraid that I won’t find suitable taste.

What about you? What food brings all the memories with your parents? What food that you and your mom adore?

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