100 Things You Should Know About Me

I'm not a celebrity, I ain't famous but hell this is my blog I can do whatever I want to do. I suddenly came with this thought, maybe you should know me more, maybe you just need to spend some of your time of reading unimportant things (for you) about me. Just enjoy and tell me what you think about it :)

  1. I'm a postcard collectors. I send and receive postcard from all over the world. Now I have for almost 300 postcards.
  2. I always like snail mail and mail correspondence. 
  3. I don't like taking a bath / taking a shower. Yep my late mom and sister called me "cat". Now I know that cats hate water.
  4. I'm not good at time management.
  5. I'm very forgetful.
  6. I love listening to music and singing along when I'm in my singing mood. 
  7. I love karaoke.
  8. I always want to have my own room equipped with good karaoke set.
  9. I can listen to almost any kind of music.
  10. I manage my stress by watching Running Man.
  11. I used to hate K-pop and all the Korean boybands but now I'm a fan of BIGBANG. I started to like BIGBANG around mid May 2013.
  12. I'm an administrator of a BIGBANG fan page on Google plus. I've been actively managed the page since early June 2013. Check this link
  13. I want to join a private hip hop dance class
  14. I want to join a choir and sing like people in Glee.
  15. My mother passed away when I was washing her face on her bed at the hospital.
  16. When I was a kid I could finish 2 bowls of meatball. My mom always ask the seller to make 2 bowls into one and I could finish it pretty quickly.
  17. I ate a lot when I was young and I was slim.
  18. I've been dated various kind of guys. Mama boy, playboy, religious guy, widower, lecturer, lazy university students, and should I be proud that all my ex-es were all engineering students? Ha ha ha. Surely I hate remembering bad times them, but dating an engineering guys is something that you can boast up here (stupid, I know)
  19. My ex-boyfriend was a huge Dutch guy and he dumped me over a phone call.
  20. I met many nice men from internet chat.
  21. A sexy man for me is someone who loves doing volunteer job.
  22. A macho male dancers are H.O.T
  23. I love watching disaster movie, but my favorite is any movies about war. Especially the World War 2 related movies.
  24. I hate horror. But I could stay pretty calm when my students made me walking in a Ghost Hospital arena.
  25. I hate watching debate on TV and I hate most Indonesian talk shows.
  26. I love Running Man, I think that's the best variety show on TV ever! It makes me laugh in a smart way :P
  27. I don't really like cartoon but Sponge Bob makes me happy.
  28. The only comics that I want to collect is Smurf and Tin Tin.
  29. Movies which stories stuck in my mind are: La Vita E Bella, Saving Private Ryan, Escape from Sobibor. 
  30. I'm allergy to crab.
  31. I always get confuse when people ask me what I do for living. I don't even know how I should call my job.
  32. I do teaching, managing, directing, commenting, complaining and handling complain, customer service, designing, programming, negotiating, and other jobs ending with -ing at a local English Course in Surabaya.
  33. I used to teach my friends at the same age when I was a kid and now I do teaching.
  34. I had big imagination of working and hanging around with foreigners when I was a kid, and yes it has happened.
  35. I love doing volunteer work but so far I haven't done much.
  36. I used to run a study group in Kepuh Pandak Village in Bangsal-Mojokerto for a year in 2008 to 2009. I taught English to farmers and brick makers'  children for free. I stopped my activity after my father got stroke.
  37. I'm a blood donor and I donor my blood in every 2,5-3 months.
  38. I will start my voluntary work in mid August. I will teach English at a boys orphanage.
  39. I ever thought of joining UN Peace Corp.
  40. I don't vote.
  41. I want to speak fluently at least 2 more foreign languages.
  42. I want to teach and live peacefully in a remote area with superb internet connection (sounds possible? he he)
  43. I want to be an active blogger.
  44. I eat meatball with a lot of chili sauce.
  45. The only western food that I like is my boyfriend's maccaroni he made last year.
  46. I can stay awake in front of my laptop lurking in cyberworld for hours.
  47. I love history, geography, and politics when I was in my undergraduate.
  48. I'm not fashionable.
  49. I've dreamed of dating a male model.
  50. I love meatball, sate, and tahu tek.
  51. I don't think nasi goreng or fried rice is special.
  52. I never watch a music concert with big mob.
  53. Sleeping is my simple pleasure.
  54. My favorite color is bright colors.
  55. The weakest part of my body is my eyes.
  56. I'm a very positive and cheerful person.
  57. I hate smokers
  58. I love Samsung.
  59. I say big no to Blackberry.
  60. I like cycling
  61. I want to be good at dancing
  62. I can write and read Korean a bit, I'm a new learner.
  63. I drink water most of the time and I don't drink soda.
  64. I want to go to Shimla in Himalaya.
  65. My students are my boyfriends :). I love them.
  66. I prefer teaching teenagers and adult to teaching kids, but so far I can handle both.
  67. I used to play guitar and took a course on classic guitar.
  68. I was a big fan of Manchester United.
  69. My favorite snacks are: nastar, kastengel, and potato chips.
  70. I lough loudly
  71. I lately think about dedicate my life to help people, not even worry about marriage. I think we live for helping others.
  72. My room is messy.
  73. I like walking.
  74. I've walked for nearly 20 km in a day.
  75. Lately I'm so into rap and hip hop
  76. I think I'm an artistic person
  77. If I could keep a dog I would like to have a Siberian Husky
  78. I love mammals, male would be great!
  79. I'm scared of ghost and snake. So far I could pretty much overcome the second one.
  80. I will never forget my English teacher in Junior High School who will always be my inspiration.
  81. I'm not good at saving money
  82. I'm not good at eating with chopsticks
  83. I adore men.
  84. I love photography but haven't bought any good camera. So far I shoot with my Samsung Wave mobile.
  85. I hope to be on stage and sing one day.
  86. My handwriting is bad
  87. Acne is my enemy #1
  88. My favorite quote is "Life is Beautiful"
  89. I hate talkative man
  90. I'm talkative
  91. I like being alone at home
  92. I like men with good smell
  93. I don't like sweets
  94. My favorite Korean actor is Lee Joon Gi, Hollywood actor is Leonardo Di Caprio, and Bollywood actor is Aamir Khan.
  95. I've watched 3 Idiots for almost 40x already.
  96. The first Korean DVD I bought is Lee Joon Ki 2009 fans concert.
  97. My first Korean CD is Jay Park - New Breed album and I got it from Korean Incheon Airport Volunteers.
  98. My mother called me "koyek" which means baby's friend since I'm child alike.
  99. I don't have best friends but I have many many nice friends.
  100. I'm pretty lucky. I won some quizzes and will keep on being a bounty hunter :D 

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  2. Hi @Migalyte. Thank you so much for nominating my blog for the award. I really really appreciate it. I will post the answer soon :)