House of Sampoerna Café

It was a hot day, as always, in Surabaya. I and my boyfriend decided that we wanted to wander around the city. I thought about House of Sampoerna, a perfect destination for tourists since it offers great museum, café, and free city tour. We took bemo from our place. As scheduled it needed 35 minutes to arrive at House of Sampoerna.

We stopped at Jalan Rajawali in the corner of BNI bank. The becaks were waiting for passengers there and it's not difficult for tourist to tell which direction to go, The becak drivers even know before we said where we want to. "Sampoerna?" asked the drivers, we noded our head and with IDR 5000 less than 5 minutes we arrived at the gate of HOS (House of Sampoerna). If you're with a partner just give the driver 10,000 for two persons in one becak. Or if you want to be more generous extra IDR 3000 is good for the driver to paddle his becak in the hot weather of Surabaya.

And..we missed the tour bus. The first tour bus depart at 10 a.m and the second one is at 1 pm and the third one is at 3 pm. We were just few 1 minute late and the city tour buss was already at the gate for leaving. We tried to get for the next city tour schedule but it was booked already. So then we decided to get some coffee at the café. My boyfriend was so happy, it was his goal to get coffee since the first day he arrived in Surabaya. He's craving for coffee.

On the dining table

The waiter
Stained glass window
It looks like a church / cathedral with the cross look a like
The flag reminds me of an old kingdom
The lamp is just wonderful

He was so happy at the café. In a hot weather day the café was our heaven. It was cool and the architecture is perfect. The building was an old building with a very high ceiling. I love the decoration and paintings on the wall. I didn't order anything for lunch but I ordered mango smoothies, it was super yum! My boyfriend ordered spaghetti bolognaise with cappuccino and coffee. We paid about IDR 112,000 for all. Fair price for a nice place. 


PS: In our second visit we ordered Nasi Goreng Kambing -> Lamb Fried Rice. I don't recommend this menu for you who doesn't like spices. It is very spicy and hot. It was okay for me but I don' t really like it. I think fried rice from the Arabic neighborhood restaurant is much better. Anyway the fried rice is IDR 127,000. For the beverage, the juice is very recommended. I had pineapple juice and it was yummy. 

All the price mentioned is before tax

The spaghetti bolognaise, my bf said it 's perfecto

Palm sugar, cappuccino's mate

Mango smoothie is a perfect choice for the hot weather

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