The End

I've been teaching the conversation class for almost 5 years. I still cannot believe that yesterday was the last time I had my two students completed all their program levels. They have finished the advanced class.

The best thing is to see how their language improve. That's priceless. The girls who used to be shy teenagers now has grown up to be two confident university students. Now I know exactly what teachers feel knowing how their students have accomplished big things. What my students have gotten maybe not that big and precious but to me it's something.

Surprisingly the brought gifts for me. Another bonus :) I thought the gifts were for their friends' birthday. I didn't know that they're for me. I myself planned to treat my students to eat out as my appreciation, apparently the schedule was not good, so I had to postpone. I've promised them i hope it'll turn out to be good.

A gift from Fifi
Fifi's favorite color is purple and she gave me a purple bedsheet.
I will always remember her and her purpl

From Ema
red tow

From Ema's mom
She gave me a huge gift with towel, praying equipment, and a tin of cookie

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