I was lucky enough to try the North Korean women traditional costume, Chosŏn-ot in a students final assignments project. Students of International Department of Airlangga University Surabaya in June held an East Asia festival. The festival-exhibition was oart of the students final projects form their East Asia class.

There were booths and cultural performances performed by the students. And what fascinated me was the North Korean woman dress that I could frent for about IDR 5000 it's so cheap. I wore it for few minutes and asked a student to take my picture. 

I really like the Korean traditional dress, whether it's South Korean or North Korean. I like the fluffy-umbrella bottom part dress and the ribbon tide like obi for japanese in the waist. I like this dress better than the kimono. 

Anyway, here's me with Chosŏn-ot 

A student helped me to wear  Chosŏn-ot . I didn't need to take off my blouse and i think the  Chosŏn-ot 
I wore was specially designed  since it's not complicated to wear
and it was consisted of 2 parts only, the vest and the skirt.

I even needed two students to help me :)
And the final touch was the ribbon
But I was disappointed, it was not as good as i thought 

Look at those sleeves' colorful lines.
Pretty <3

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