Bakpao is originally a Chinese steamed bun. Chinese fills bakpao with pork, but in Indonesia bakpao is filled with chicken, meat, strawberry, peanuts, and my favorite mung bean.

There is a famous bakpao vendor in the city called "Chik Yen". It is labelled "halal" and the price is cheap. My favorite the mung bean bakpao cost only IDR 2500. It's the only bakpao that i love since i was a kid till now. I don't like any other filling.

The best part of bakpao to me is the bun itself. If it's possible i want to eat the bun with no filled inside. Wondering where i can get that. I think i have to make it by myself than. The cute shape of this bun makes me want to pinch and eat it..yumm

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