I was so happy last Saturday when I received 4 postcards on the terrace floor of my boarding house. One postcard that really stole my attention was a huge postcard sent by Dakota, a 9 years old boy from New Jersey, U.S.A. The postcard has a picture of two young cubs playing on the river bank.

The size of the postcard is about 17x13 cm. It is so big because I believe it is designed for children. The space to write the personal message is spacious enough so that children can easily write on the postcard. The posctard is from the postcard book for kids series. I wish I could find a special design postcard book for children here in Indonesia.

Alaskan Brown Bear Cub postcard
received on June 9th 2012

Dakota told me about his hobby. Just like other American boy he loves basketball, American football, and he also loves soccer. He is also a fan of The Yankee, his favorite baseball team. 

What impressed me a lot from the postcard is the sender. I really amazed how a 9 year old boy interested to a world wide postcard swapping project, called postcrossing. It was his teacher who introduced him to postcrosssing. He wrote down his teacher's name, Mrs. Macfie. I don't know what subject does Mrs. Macfie teach, all I know is she's an inspiring 3rd grade teacher. She encourages her students to send postcrads and also learn from postcards that the students receive. Here's Mrs. Mactie's profile in postcrossing site:

My name is Mrs. Macfie and I'm a 3rd grade teacher in New Jersey.
My students and I are having a great time sending and receiving postcards from around the world. We are learning all about new places and people through this project. We continue to keep track of places where we have sent postcards and where we have received them. Our bulletin board is filled with all our postcards and stats and looks amazing! Other students in the school come to visit our classroom just to see what new postcards we get.
It would be wonderful if you could include information (things to do, weather, etc.) about where you live so my students can learn through some beautiful postcards! Send us postcards of the area you live, one that tells about you, or any other interesting/beautiful card you find! :)
And if your primary language is not English, could you please write something in your language? And be sure to translate for us! :)
Thank you!
Mrs. Macfie and her 3rd grade class
And here's Mrs. Mactie's reply e-mail about Dakota when I asked for Dakota's address because I want to appreciate Dakota's effort by sending him a postcard about Indonesia. 
"Hi I'm Mrs. Macfie, Dakota's teacher! Thank you so much for your offer to send Dakota a card about Indonesia! He is the sweetest boy and would love that! I will give you our address at school and be sure I give it to him!
Thanks again!

Postcard for Dakota
I have sent a postcard with picture of Prambanan, the Hindu temple which was built in the 9th century and also one of UNESCO world heritage sites. I hope he love the postcard as much as I do and he can learn more about the history of the temple and also Indonesia in general.

Dakota, be patient to wait for my postcard. I hope it'll reach you soon. It may take 30 days to reach you so sit tight and relax :D. Always be the sweetest boy in the class. Warmest regards from Indonesia 

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