Sawoong, Truly The Best Surabaya Souvenirs

Yesterday, before the Rujak Uleg Festival I and my sister went to Jembatan Merah Plaza. As always on Sunday the place was crowded with people. On our way home we passed a small booth selling nice vintage and retro souvenirs of the city. I was so amazed, it's the first time i found a place which sells nice retro and vintage souvenirs in the city. And the best part was because the goods are sold in a reasonable price. The design is also superb!

You can get a nice retro-vintage mug for IDR 28,000
T-shirt with many nice design for children, women, and men from IDR 50,000 - IDR 80,000 (might vary for bigger size)
Nice key chain which also function as a bottle opener from IDR 10,000 - IDR 15,000
Tote bag from IDR 15,000 - 25,000
Pins from  IDR 8,000 - IDR 10,000
and postcards for IDR 3,500 -> my favorite

The tote bag i bought and the key chain with image of Gedung Cerutu (sorry for blur pics)
If you pay attention to the key chain Sawoong has design of old advertisement printed on. It's so retro and classic. And most of the souvenirs are written in Dutch since in the past Surabaya was an important city for trading under the Dutch colonization.

Wait, I haven't mentioned the nice shopping-recycled paper-bag. It is uniquely designed and there are 5 languages written on the bag old Indonesian spelling; Dutch; English; Thai; Japanese; and Korean. On the side of the bag is written a nice information about the bag itself in 3 languages (old Indonesian spelling; Dutch, and English)

Small paper bag if you only buy key chain or pins

I really recommend you to buy souvenirs at Sawoong. You can visit shop at Jembatan Merah Plaza, Royal Plaza, City of Tomorrow, House of Sampoerna Museum, and the workshop at Jalan Kalidami III / 2. Find out more about Sawoong here.

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