Lucky Number.....(Parikan Competition - Surabaya Urban Culture Festival 2012)

Parikan is short rhyming poem in Javanese. The poem is usually sang in a performance. It's like standing comedy. The poem is funny and entertaining. The material can be about anything. Sometimes it contains adult joke.

Parikan has become an icon in Surabaya culture. So the most famous community radio Suara Surabaya held a parikan competition to celebrate the city's 719th birthday. The competition was held online on the facebook page here.The theme is "Bangga Jadi Arek Suroboyo (Proud to be Surabayanese - Surabaya Youth).

I joined the competition when I heard from the radio about it. I made 4 lines which at first i thought it was one parikan - apparently that was 2 parikan. Each participant can send more than one parikan. But i just sent once. Then last Saturday someone from the radio called me and he said that I won the competition. I was one of the best 10 winners.

I was invited to come to the festival. So i came with my sister and then I tried to find the booth among thousands of people there. After i reached the booth, I asked the lady and she registered my name. She asked me to stay not too far away from the main stage. So i did stay and found a nice spot to sit and wait for the announcement.

A local artist called Cak Agus Kuprit opened the joke session for 20 minutes I guess. Then next we watched the short movie projected to the famous Majapahit Hotel's building. Next, the hosts announced the winner of Remo Dance make up competition. Each person won IDR 250,000 and a goodie bag. It was awesome. I thought i would also win the same prize since on the competition wall page the committee just mentioned that the best 10 will win a nice prize. And what I deserve to get for sending a rhyme? I thought some nice vouchers and money would be just great. But I was wrong. After the hosts called out all the 10 winners name, they invited us to go on stage (it was my first time standing in front of hundreds of people), and they said that all the winner will get a bike. What??????? Awwwwww Yihaaaaaaaaa

Well i saw bikes on the stage, but i thought they're for other competitions. I mean it was too good to be true, but hey...that's true. I won a bike!!!! Surprisingly the bike is exactly like what I've dreamed of. God really works with His own way. But it also proved me about the power of the dream. I kept dreaming of the bike and  I got it! Wow!!!

That's super amazing. Another problem was how to bring the bike home. The place is like 45 minutes driving. So it's impossible for me to ride the bike alone at 9 p.m. It will take 2 hours, hell no....So then I and my sister tried to get a taxi who wanted to load his car baggage with my bike. Thanks God we made it.
I thank God of what I got. It's really a miracle for me :)
And anyway here's my poem

Yuyu sabungkus dipulosoro, ayu bagus arek suroboyo
Werno-werni budhayane, arek suroboyo wani gayane

Joyoboyo akeh bemone, Arif ngelas nang omahe
Arek Suroboyo pancen oye, kreatif cerdas iku watake

A pack of small crab is tortured, Surabaya youth are gorgeous
The culture is various, Surabaya youth are brave

There are many bemos in Joyoboyo, Arif is welding at his house
Surabaya youths are cool, creative and smart those are their character

And this is the bike I have won :)

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