Do you celebrate your birthday? What's the best birthday celebration that you ever had? I don't have special birthday celebration. The best one was when i was in kindergarten i think, because at that time my mum made me a birthday cake with candle of my age. There were many people since my mum also held a family gathering at our home.

I remember i guarded the cake, so that that no other children would lick or destroy my cake. Well that was on my mind. As time went by, every family member's birthday would be celebrated in a small party. My mum woke up early in the morning and prepared "nasi kuning" yellow cooked-rice with other traditional side dish like "urap-urap",  chicken curry, "rempeyek" and "lodeh tewel" Not every year mum made the modest party for me, my sister, my father, or my mum herself. When she had spare money from my father's salary i believe she would make nice food for the birthday.

Gosh...I really miss my mum. It's true that i remember every little things she done much more than when she's alive. Anyway, no more birthday is celebrated after she passed away. Not even simple dishes or kisses on cheek. Both I and my sister celebrate our birthday by doing nothing big. Maybe just treat each other. But i got a nice ring from my sister on my 26th birthday.

This year I received many greetings from people i don't know on Facebook since I've added strangers in my friend list, for the sake of promoting my working place page. Funny how for the first time in my life almost 70 strangers wished me on my b'day. My boyfriend sent me some money, the first time someone gave me money as b'day present, and my sister..ehmm I think I treated her. She sent me nice sms in the early morning, that's enough.

And on February this year, a month before my b'day, my boyfriend celebrated his 37th b'day. If he's close to me a kiss on his cheek and a big smile might be enough (i'm so stingy eh?). Since he's away, all i could give him was only this following video. It's my first time making a video and i know it's not that good. At least it shows how much i love him, don't you think?

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