Wisata Bahari Lamongan (WBL)

WBL when i visited in 2009

 I have visited this place three times. The first time was in 2008, the second was in 2010 and the last time was on 22 January 2012 when I visited this place with my students and my fellow Romanian friend.

The entrance with gigantic crab

Wisata Bahari Lamongan or famous with its abbreviation name WBL is a theme park located in the sea side in a beach,which is called Tanjung Kodok.  Tanjung is a cape and kodok is frog. According to the story there is a big rock in the sea side that looks like a giant frog. That’s why the beach is named Tanjung Kodok.

When I was a kid my  parents took me to the beach once. I was thinking about having white sand and great sunshine but I was totally disappointed because the beach was dirty, muddy, and there’s no sand. What I had was only rocks and coral reef. They hurt my feet for sure. I couldn’t swim and I couldn’t do anything. I stayed there for less than an hour before I and my family moved to the fish market.

On special event like Chinese New Year there's a special performance 

Since 2004, the local government of Lamongan invited an investor to make a great tourism destination. And voila!! The theme park was established and opened for public.

When I visited the place for the first time I was shocked. I never imagined that the dirty muddy beach was then turned into a beautiful adventurous theme park. The local government was successful in changing the image of the muddy and uninteresting beach into a multi billion rupiah business.

With only 1,5 hour driving from Surabaya the place is worthy to be visited. A spacious parking space could fit for dozens of buses and hundred of cars. At the entrance, there’s a huge image of crab as the symbol of the theme park. Hundred of food, clothes, and souvenirs shops are located near the entrance. It’s good way to attract hungry visitors who forgot the breakfast or to those who have enjoyed their time at the theme park heading home.

The ticket price now in 2012 is IDR 60,000. It’s 20,000 more expensive compare to my second visit which was only IDR 40,000. All visitors are not allowed to bring rice, soup, and vegetables. That’s the rule. But you also need to check these following guides:
  • 1.       Never use high heels, come on it’s a theme park you’ll kill your feet
  • 2.       Use sun block. The hot sun will burn your skin. I mean it.
  • 3.       Bring extra T-shirt since there’s a spot when you’ll be wet.
  • 4.       Bring swim suit if you want to swim, the pool is nice but too crowded by children.
  • 5.       Bring your sun glasses
The ticket, then rounded in our wrist by the officer

According to the official site the place is open at 9, but when I visited the last time I arrived at 8:45 and there were already hundreds of people flooding the place. So it’s better to come early in the morning at about 8 on holidays.

There are some nice rides like crazy car, roller coaster, and the shuttle space (written shuttle space). These rides are quite nice if you like speed and height. But if you’re scared of height better choose the bumper car and other games. Never try the drop zone if you want to have a fun adventure. The drop zone is so not challenging. I can even eat while riding it.

The drop zone, never try this ride. So not challenging

The Shuttle Space with sea view, this one is nice

What makes WBL an interesting theme park? Because of the water sport. You can go sailing with a canoe for free or ride a water cycle which look like a giant goose. Or  if you don’t wanna get tired you can sail with your family by renting a boat. It’s IDR 10,000 per person. For the youth the shuttle boat, donnut boat, and the banana boat are worth trying. Adventuring the sea with shuttle boat costs IDR 25,000 a boat fits for 6 people. The banana boat costs IDR 175,000 for 5 people. It’ll be a little bit difficult if you don’t bring some companion since you can’t ride the boat alone.

Shuttle boat is the coolest. It’s a rubber boat pulled by a speed boat. 6 people sit on the rubber boat while holding the holder. Since the first time the speed boat engine starts and the shuttle boat moves, I couldn’t stop laughing. Laughing out loud. It’s funny, tickled, and just cool. I wanna ride it again some other time.

Very recommended, the shuttle boat

Another place that people really love to visit is the Ghost Hospital. It’s a haunted hospital, well it’s staged of course. There’ll be some rooms like baby room, operation theater, mortuary, etc. There are some fake man-sized mannequin which moves when you passed the x-ray sensor. The place is totally dark with minimum light to create a very scary ambiance. Was I scared? Yes at the first time, but the second time I went there it’s annoying than scary, because I was tired and there was a lady busy with her infant pushing me and my friends around. That’s suck.

Awwww...take a picture with dracula near the Ghost Hospital

The cowboy land is the one that you shouldn’t be missed. When you step on your feet here you’ll feel you’re in Texas. There’s also a log house and inside the house there’s a robot bull that you can ride. You can act as a real cowboy with a fake machine bull :D.

Don’t forget to buy some souvenirs, snacks, or T-shirt if you visit WBL. The fish product like crackers, shrimp paste, chips etc are nice with reasonable price.

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