Warung Wulan

Warung is a small food stall. Usually it is located along the street. Here in Indonesia there are many illegal semi-permanent until permanent food stalls located just along the main street. The warung that i'm going to tell you is a different warung since it's actually a restaurant. I think the owner wants to be more down to earth so that she/he named the place warung. Wulan is "moon" in Javanese. Many Javaenese women are named Wulan, maybe it's like Luna which derives from lunar.

Anyway, a friend of mine told me about this Warung Wulan and i decided to visit the place. I've visited this place more than 5 timPublish Postes already. In Surabaya the restaurant is located in Jalan Ratna. Then it opened another branch near my neighborhood in Buntaran. Buntaran is an area of many warehouses, truck garages, and it's near factories. So i was quite surprised too knowing that there's a quite fancy place here. I don't know what's the owner consideration to choose such area to open the business.

The place opens at about 10:30 a.m and it closes at 7 p.m. The warung is so large so that 200 guests can some and enjoy the food here. It's cool and comfy inside. The room is provided with AC and you can also hear traditional music. The music really creates a good ambiance.

Warung Wulan is an Indonesian food buffet restaurant. With IDR 15,000 or $2 you can enjoy the food plus the dessert. You have to pay more for the beverage. The food is nice, recommended. And since it's a buffet restaurant so you have to be smart enough to arrange the food in your plate, BUT you cannot have another extra meal. You can just take the food once from the display table.

Here's my plate once i visited the warung. Since it's all Indonesian food which sometimes can't be easily describe in English,  i hope i can explain it well.

  1. Soup
  2. Rempeyek
  3. Stir-fried baby kailan
  4. Pangsit goreng (fried pangsit / fried wonton)
  5. Rempah kelapa ( is made of grated coconut  and mixed with spices and eggs and then fried)
  6. Stir-fried bean
  7. Pepes Ikan

And for the drink, my favorite is mung bean juice. It's yum. Mung bean is not my fav, but in this warung they can make a nice and yum juice.

You can choose sweet porridge or fresh fruit as the dessert. The warung's sweet porridge are nice. Usually they serve Bubur Mutiara  (pearl sago porridge which is mixed with coconut milk)or Bubur Sagu (sagu porridge, served with coconut milk t) as few choices of porridge. The porridge is so yum. I can't stop saying how nice the porridge is. You won't regret it.

For your information, the menu is changed day by day. I guess it's a tactic to make the customers keep wondering what they'll have in the following day. It won't make the customer bored too.

So, if you have time to visit Surabaya, just come to Warung Wulan @Jalan Buntaran Manukan Wetan check this site to find the location on the map.

Bon appetit!!

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