My First Postcard

I got my first postcard from Tel-tel. She's a Japanese. She sent me a very beautiful postcard of image on old Japanese wood block print which is also called UKIYOE. I received it around late September. It's really made my day. I also like the stamps pasted on the postcard. I've got a stamp with picture of bee on a pink flower and also a stamp of a boy and a girl on a bucket of potatoes.

My second postcard in the same month came from China. To my surprise the sender is a high school boy from Xi'an. I should encourage my students to do this project too. It's good for students to do this since it'll help them to learn other cultures, practice English, and also postcrossing will help them to love their country more.

This boy, which i forgot his name, said in the postcard that his grandma has been to Indonesia. She loves Indonesia very much -> another prove why postcrossing makes someone loves the country more ^_^

I love the postcard! It shows beautiful painting of beautiful Chinese lady. It seems like this painting is vintage. Best of all, i like the ladies shoes. I think they're wonderful. Just wonderful :D
Last but not least, the stamps. As always another beautiful stamps from China, beautiful birds stamp and also a globe-coin look alike which i believe has a special meaning.

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