Dramatic Korean Song Clip

I'm trying to keep myself awake tonight. It's 11:18 but i'm in a big mood of blogging, so..i decided to play some video on my laptop.

2 Korean songs in my list make me want to write about how dramatic Korean clip are. Well i say they're romantic, sweet, and touchy..but at the same time it's also too drama. Okay let me tell a little detail about the songs.
I got the video clip from my ex-boyfriend. He showed me the first video by J-Entercom entitled Kiss. I don't know who or what J-Entercom is, i just watched the video and just before we finish watched the video on my ex's mobile phone we both cried. We were touched by the video. About love and big scarification. Worse of all i and my ex were at a fastfood restaurant on a busy Sunday at that time. Can you believe it we even cried on the video together surrounded by crowd? He he he i know it's so drama, but we just couldn't help it. The song is nice though. Well not so special but just fine.

The story began when a good looking photographer accidentally captured a beautiful woman passed in front of his camera lens. Shortly it was love at the first sight. The woman worked in a hair salon. So one day the photographer went to the salon and had a hair treatment. He didn't know at first that the woman worked there. When the woman knew that it was the photographer, she replaced her friend to treated the photographer's hair. She enjoyed her time with him when she unconsciously rub the photographer's eyes with full of soap hand. She apologized and  her boss was angry to her but it's not a problem for the photographer. Then the photographer accidentally left his beanie at the salon. The woman went to the photographer's studio and gave it back to him. Then they both fell in love until one day in a bit intimate moment, the photographer wanted to take her picture but his camera stuck. He needed something to fix his camera, the woman wanted to help him and when she was about of taking something from the shelf a bottle full of liquid fell on her face and then she was run to the hospital and she got a surgery. She had to lost her sight and the photographer not known by the woman gave his eyes to her. What a scarification.

Other video I've got told about more or less the same thing. About a young couple who had a small fight and the girl was hit by a car and the boy regretted so much. When the boy went home and fell asleep the time was turning back to the day before the girl hit. He was surprised and he decided to did nice things to please the girl since he knew that it would be the last time he saw her. Weird thing was in the end the opposite happened. When a car almost hit the girl he sacrificed himself by standing and blocking the car. So then it's the boy death in the end which broke the girl's heart.

And in another video i watched i YouTube in the night after i watched that video i cried badly since there were many sad Korean song clips and they're all about sacrifice yourself for others. Why wouldn't they make a couple love each other and live together happily ever after? Aaaaah so so so sad :(
I wanna see more happy ending!!!!

Watch J Entercom - Kiss Because I'm a Girl video here

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