Bemo M queues to get passengers in bemo station
Bemo is a famous public transportation in Indonesia, well at leas in my place. It's a four wheel car, mostly wagon  with two long seats for 11 passengers. One seat next to the driver is for 2 passengers. No aircon and in some cars equipped by sound speaker. But never expect to have a nice comfy car. You'll get a "fine" hot car since you can just rely on the window. I forgot to tell that you need to share the seat with 3 other passengers for the short seat and 6 other passengers for the long seat. If you're lucky you can seat next to the driver so that you don't have to share seat, but..still you need to share with one more passenger.

The driver is very skillful, meaning they really know well how to speed and cut the car line in a crowded city. Hold your breath since they will make you feel you're in a formula one race. But don't get too nervous since lately less and less people take bemo. So, bemo will move very slow like a snail, a giant motor snail which stops at almost every alley and every city corner to wait for passengers. So in this case, just be patient. 30 minute travel will be 1 hour travel. Just add 30 min to the normal time you take for a certain distance when you take bemo. 

Bemo driver is the king!!! You cannot complain if he goes so fast or he goes so slow. You have to accept that . Passengers' safety is number something for the driver. As long as he can get money then things will be just fine. Well don't be worry. So far i can assure you that private cars accident involved more than bemo. 
You cannot complain too when the bemo wants to stop in a nearby factory to wait for the workers to go home. You cannot also ask the driver to stop smoking. No one can make him stop smoking! Cigarette and music are a driver's friend to keep focus on their job.

Passengers in a bemo
You have to be extra patience. I think it works in both way, extra patience for the driver and also for the passengers. If you're in a hurry but you're still 50 m from the bemo, the driver will be happily waiting for you. And if you ask for his permission to stop for a few minutes to buy some fruit along the street, he will say yes. Don't forget to give him some. You can also carry heavy luggage as long as it doesn't take lot of place. If it does, then just pay for your luggage.

Bumpy car? Well you cannot expect to get same ambiance like a taxi. You just can't expect to have a clean seat too. It's passengers' responsibility too to keep the bemo clean and comfortable. 

But i like taking bemo to everywehere. I meet people, i learn about people and mostly i get good experience. I can also look at the city view longer. Who cares if it’s slower? The bus gives me a chance to look out the window at the trees.

Cute girl with her doll and
her mommy in a bemo
In Surabaya, the city where i live, bemo is differentiated by its name and color. Like the green one with the letter "E" then we call it Bemo E takes from Balongsari to Karangmenjangan. Then bemo O the yellow one for example takes you from JMP to Keputih. there are dozens of destination and dozens of bemo.'ll take time to list the place. However will try to list them below based on my experience as a bemoer ( the term is invented by me LOL)

PS: The bemo faire range from IDR 3000 to IDR 4000
North Surabaya

1. Bemo "K" (white) from JMP (Jembatan Merah Plaza) to Tanjung Perak Port 

West - North Surabaya
1. Bemo "Z" (red) from Benowo, Tandes to  JMP (Jembatan Merah Plaza)
2. Bemo "LMJ" (light brown) from Lakarsantri to JMP (Jembatan Merah Plaza)
3. Bemo "BJ" (grey) from Benowo, Tandes to JMP (Jembatan Merah Plaza)
4. Bemo "Z1" (light blue) from Benowo, Tandes to JMP (Jembatan Merah Plaza)
5. Bemo "DA" ( yellowish green) from Pakuwon Trade Center to JMP (Jembatan Merah Plaza)

West - South Surabaya
1. Bemo "TV" (brown and light brown) from Manukan, Balongsari to Joyoboyo Bemo Station

West to Central Surabaya
1. Bemo "E" (light green) from Balongsari to Karangmenjangan (Province Public Hospital area)

Central Surabaya
1. Bemo "P" (pale yellow) from Joyoboyo bemo station to Karangmenjangan (Province Public Hospital area)
2. Bemo "M" (dark grey) from Joyoboyo bemo station to JMP (Jembatan Merah Plaza)
3. Bemo "G" (dark green) from Joyoboyo bemo station to Karangmenjangan (Province Public Hospital area)
4. Bemo "C" (orange) from Karangmenjangan (Province Public Hospital area) to Blauran

West to East Surabaya
1. Bemo "MLK" (blue) from Manukan, Tandes to Kenjeran Beach

South to East Surabaya
1. Bemo "T2" (light brown) from Joyoboyo bemo station to Mulyorejo

So far these are bemos i've taken in my life almost regularly. I LOVE BEMO!!!!!

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